Hello world I’m your wild girl… ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

Nothing says welcome to 2012 like a 30 year old song but whatevs.

I started this blog in early 2010, so I’d have a cool avatar and place to upload pics to when I commented on my favorite blogs, namely letterstotwilight.com. Yes, I was a regular commenter on a twilight blog and I even did all the shirt designs in their online store. I’m sure this surprises no one who knows me.

Anywho, I think I’m funny, and well, facebook is limited to people I actually know and will make fun of me, so I feel the need to re-boot the ol blog. So here I am, with random musings about this little thing called life.

Oh, my blog name/ screen name. It’s from the Mae West quote, “I was snow white but I drifted”

…and I just look like snow white. As a pale brunette hailing from Southern California, this is an oddity I embrace.

I’m sure this is going to lead in to a post about hair colors.

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